Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, Kostechko witnessed the rampant development of the famed coastline. Its destruction impressed upon him the idea of impermanence, particularly, inevitable change caused by human greed. The paintings in this series depict coastal scenes in their natural state before the people and money came charging in.

Nathan’s process is not planned but a stream-of-consciousness, allowing elements to fall into place on their own. There is always an idea as a starting point and the rest comes spontaneously. Drawing on his eighteen years of working as a tattoo artist, classic motifs and grim characters populate his idyllic coastal landscapes.

Kostechko employs multiple mediums in every painting. Working on paper adhered to wood panels he employs watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, and ink, resulting in a vibrantly colored, textured, and multi-layered technique.

“Essentially, this show is about not wasting your life doing nothing and to make the most of it; being aware of where you are at in the moment because one day that place will change and never be the same. Enjoy the beauty where you are before money ruins it and turns it into a circus for the ‘bland’.” - Nathan Kostechko